The History of Honda

As you drive around Olympia, Washington, you undoubtedly see plenty of Honda vehicles on the road. Chances are high you have one yourself. You may take your car in for routine Honda service every so often, but how much do you actually know about the popular car brand? Honda’s history is filled with fascinating information that will make you appreciate your vehicle even more.


1948 was the year Honda Motor Co. was formally established. It was founded by Takeo Fujisawa and Soichiro Honda, named after the latter’s last name. A year later, the company designed and engineered its very first product, which Mr. Honda called the “Dream” D-type motorcycle.

1950s and 60s

It would be another decade until Honda made a presence in the United States. On June 11, 1959, the company established itself in California. It was also during this time that the company sold its millionth motorcycle in the United States, an impressive feat in only ten years. Honda’s most popular creation at the time was the four-cylinder Honda CB750, and in 2012, this bike would become known as the “Motorcycle of the Century.” 1969 was also the year Honda came out with its first car in America: the Honda N600.


In 1974, Honda came out with a groundbreaking vehicle: the Honda Civic. It contained an impressive CVCC engine, which made it the first car to meet standards set forth by the United States Clean Air Act. What made it so special was the fact this vehicle met the criteria without needing a catalytic converter, which was rare at the time.


In 1986, the company came out with the Acura, which was the first luxury vehicle from the manufacturer. There were initially only 60 Acura dealers in the U.S., and it would go on to win four J.D. Power and Associates Customer Satisfaction Index awards.

Honda has a long and storied history. With a little Honda maintenance, your car can span decades, too. Schedule your next service at Foreign Autoworks in Olympia, Washington with a team that understands Hondas inside and out. We’ll provide you with the best version of your Honda.

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