Things to Do During Quarantine

Don’t Forget Your Vehicle

Every “Honey-Do” list around the country is getting an unexpected amount of attention from homebound Americans. All the projects, repairs, and everyday tasks we have put off around the house are now painfully obvious. However, you shouldn’t neglect that essential extension of your homelife: your car. Our technicians gave the top 3 reasons why owners should keep up with their vehicle’s preventative maintenance and encourage every driver to take advantage of the current situation to pay some much needed attention to their cars.


Though you are using your vehicle less this Spring, every trip you do make is that much more important. Now, more than ever, you need your vehicle to get you there and back for essential for groceries or if you need medical attention. Regular visits to a repair shop ensure your technician has the opportunity to discover and repair any minor issues before they develop and cause further damage to your vehicle.


Your vehicle is a long-term investment and keeping up with preventative is like paying into that investment. If you push your vehicle past suggested oil changes and tire rotations, you will run it ragged, almost literally. Bringing a vehicle back from near breakdown is much harder than regular maintenance along the way. With every service, you are adding to the miles of life for your vehicle.


An added benefit, besides having a vehicle in pristine condition, is the savings. Take a tire, for example. If you notice slightly low tire pressure and your technician finds a puncture smaller than ¼”, that may well only require a repair. If you drive on that low pressure, it could lead to uneven wear on the tread, unreliable pressure while driving, and even a blow out at top speed going down the 101. A tire repair is far less expensive than a replacement.

At Foreign Autoworks, our technicians are dedicated to giving our customers the best auto repair experience even during these uncertain times. We are still open to serving the Olympia, Washington community and taking measures like limiting contact by using online payments and key drop-boxes and sanitizing our facility and your vehicle. Give us a call today to discuss your vehicle’s preventative maintenance and ask about our current specials: 360 786 5676.

Written by Foreign Autoworks

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